What is your print process?

Our print process is popularly known as Giclée or high resolution Inkjet. We use Epson High Resolution Inkjet machines running archival aqueous solvent inks (Ultrachrome Pro and HDX).

What is a calibrated environment?

A calibrated environment is one where humans and machines are visually and functionally in sync with the true colours and properties of an image. This usually involves having standardised high CRI lamps to proof, accurate wide gamut displays set to ICC standards, customised Proper profiles to support media used.

With color management and calibration, a studio in Malaysia will see and print in almost the same way as a studio in Chennai or in New York or London.

What is "Media"?

Media is a broad based term used to describe the type of material used in inkjet printers. They could be paper, canvas linen, metal etc.

Usually a particular media type will imply  :
1. The type of paper (matte or glossy)
2. The type of ink (matte black or photo black)
3. Paper or board or canvas or linen or metal
4. Thickness in grams/square meter
5. Safety Storage and Handling
6. Post print specifications.

What is "Archival Media" and what is the "Archival Process"?

It is known that paper and other media degrades or fade or changes colours over time (a colour photo print from a chemical lab fades in 40 years, a well processed silver halide print can last over 100 years. An inkjet print on archival media can last well over 150 years if stored at the right temperature.)

With inkjet, accelerated ageing tests have been performed and longevity of print life has been estimated by agencies such as Wilhelm Imaging Research.
The prints that last long (which are made of purer materials) are called archival media. The workflow that creates long life is the archival process. It involves proper interleaving, boxing, storage temperature and humidity options.

How will my prints be delivered?

Your prints will arrive securely packed in paper tubes or paper boxes with suitable interleaving materials after having been out-gassed and completely dry.

These paper tubes and boxes are completely glue-less and they are safe for interim (short term) storage and transport of prints.
We also offer truly archival boxes of handmade paper for long term use.

Do you ship prints?

We ship nationally and internationally via reputed courier companies on your account numbers or ours. Courier charges, extra at actuals.

In Chennai, we offer delivery by bike and van for a small fee.

How do I send you my images for printing?

Send them to us via E-mail or by third party transfer apps like WeTransfer.

You can also post/courier your images to us on a flash drive/DVD and we will courier your storage device back to you with your prints.

Which paper is right for me?

Choice of a paper is sometimes a technical choice (to bring in blacks, all the colors, etc.) and sometimes an aesthetic choice (look and feel of a particular paper, structured paper, smooth paper, etc.) Choice of paper is best stated as the personal choice of the artist.
We can guide you once we look at your image, if necessary.

We are happy to answer further questions.  Contact us !